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Getting Rid of Pimples Completely

Picture of the growth of pimples. You can see here that your pimples is actually a component made of lipid/oil which is secreted by hair follicle (follicle canal) and sebaceous canal (oil glands). The lipid will be accumulated (E) once the pore of one of those canals is blocked by dirt.

Is it really possible to clear acne? You may be feeling skeptical when you hear those words. I can't blame you though because you probably have tried several products that have zero result, or worse. It's sad because dealing with acne is a massive pain! However, It's Important to realize that it's completely possible to eliminate it once you understand how to effectively treat it.

Now let's begin with the answer of 'why my anti acne product doesn't work?'. Let's not get depressed and jump straight into conclusion that 'My face is different, so it won't work, the acne keeps coming back no matter what I do.' You are right in the first statement, but only that part. Your acne CAN be cleared. Now let's get back to our question.

Most products are formulated to merely attack existing zits instead of taking prevention into account and actually attacking the causes of pimples - this is a large issue! You should know by now that the cause is far more difficult to handle than the acne itself. They simply act to handle pimples one by one instead of treating acne at the root of the issue.

Here lies the problem! You can't just simply remove the pimples alone and not doing anything to prevent it. You have to do both, but like I said, many products just eliminate the pimples and have no effect in preventing them. Perhaps they intend to do it, so can keep buying their products.

You need to utilize a treatment that targets all of the elements that can cause acne if you really want to clear your skin. There are four major causes: excess oil on the skin, bacteria that causes acne (if I'm not mistaken, it's caused by B. aureus), skin irritation and clogged pores. Getting rid of pimples involves treating each of these causes. From all of those, the main problem is the bacteria.

And it's entirely feasible. You won't find much selection in the drugstores, you can find acne treatment solutions that are formulated to treat each of the causes of pimples. The most effective acne solutions will target all of the factors that cause acne and function like a system to treat your skin. I have to make an important note here: "You should follow the instruction especially about the doze." Over doze might get you to a more serious face problem. And also stop right away of using it if your face condition becomes worse.

Once you use a product that truly treats the factors that cause zits, you will notice improvements in just a week or so. Being able to wake up, glance in the mirror and see that you have completely clear skin. It is an amazing feeling.

Getting rid of pimples is not only achievable, but it's actually incredibly simple when you locate the correct treatment system and start using it. The key is, you have to take action and do something about it! When you treat acne the right way, you will get the clear skin you're looking for.

Fast and Optimal Learning

You know how though to be a student is, right? Hey, I'm a student myself, I really do understand being a student is tough. What's more, we don't get paid for our full time 'job'. We pay for them instead in exchange for knowledge they offer. I can't really argue with that as they got a point, but still, it can be frustrating when the school life takes over your daily life.

Indeed we have a privilege as being a student. But for what exchange? Aside from money, of course it is our precious time. The key is to find a balance between your school life and regular life, see..when I told you about student is like a job, I do have a point there, aren't I? You need to maximize efficiency of your study time to get the best result and some good free time. But how?

Essentially, school sucks when it comes to assignment and exam right? It takes a lot of your time and mind, sometimes even enough to take away your cool head and you will easily find yourselves with nowhere to go but to your study desk all day. So here are a few suggestions on how to do just that.

First of all, you should make a commitment (or at least a will) to yourselves to study a bit every day or on scheduled day. I study for at least 3 days a week for about one hour at home (although 30 minutes will most likely to be enough, but then again it depends on your subject). This will keep you from having to cram or stress over spending an hour or two (sometimes more) when assignments and exams approach.

And to make the best out of your study at school, you should at least give your 10 or 15 minutes to review about the lesson your teacher will teach. That way, you will get motivated during class because you will feel like you understand better about the subject and believe it or not, your mind will be more clear that way.

Make your own study group. You can discuss about the lecture that you don't understand with your friend and plus, you can help each other on the assignment or better yet, work together. It is a general fact that most students feel a lot more confident when they ask their friends instead of their teacher and thus, they understand better.

Delegation minimizes your individual study time while also allowing group members to offer insights that had not occurred to you in your own studious endeavors.

If you have a very limited time to study, then what you can do best is to focus on just one short topic and try to figure out the principle of the rest of the topics. That way, you'll feel the increase of your understanding even if it's not a comprehensive knowledge.

It will help you a big time if you can manage to record the lectures and your discussion. That way, you can study whenever you like although it feels like cheating, because you can actually understand the lecture even when you're sleeping in class with your recorder ON, but hey, that's the purpose of technology, isn't it?

Begin to develop strong speed reading skills. This involves absorbing all the key information out of a text, enabling you to consolidate the time you spend laboring through intense reading assignments. Whenever you have a text that actually belongs to you, keep a highlighter at the ready. Highlighting key phrases, terms, and even nouns and verbs, you should highlight them for easy direction when you review the material. Highlight is crucial when you're dealing with heavy subjects.

If your school offers classes or you find software that is especially geared toward developing your ability to speed read, go for it. This will be an invaluable skill in the long run. Trust me!

Don't forget to take time out for yourself to rest and recharge. Overdoing it will just make you feel burned out in the long run. So take some time every day to do something truly relaxing and enjoyable. And remember that when you're sleeping there is this system called REM (rapid eye movement) that enables you to do things better and store your information in your brain in a great way, be confident about it!

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5 Great Ways to Lose Weight Safely

These are 5 basic weight loss steps you can trust to help you lose those unwanted pounds. You can be sure to lose extra weight from lifestyle change and dieting that I will discuss below.

Step 1: Always Eat Breakfast! The famous saying 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' is proven to be absolutely true. Our metabolism will increase greatly after breakfast and good night sleep. We need to sleep to keep our metabolism down so that our body can regulate their parts, that includes muscle restoration while breakfast kicks our metabolism up again. However having an unhealthy breakfast won't help. The key is to have a healthy breakfast. Try to incorporate whole grain cereals and breads, low fat dairy products like milk and yoghurt and fruit. Egg can be your best option as well. Some studies declares that egg consumption in the morning will help you to not over-eating for the rest of the day.

Step 2: Drink Loads of Water and Get Plenty of Sleep (The ideal is 8 hours sleep, just make sure you get high quality night sleep). You need to make sure you drink lots off water throughout the day. Water has many health benefits and helping with dieting is one of them. The more water you drink the less hungry you'll be as you will feel full and it helps detoxify your body. Make sure you get enough sleep as this will ensure your body gets enough time to recuperate and face any challenge. Although there are some studies that shows you water can be a stress to your kidney, it only holds true when you drink it a LOT, anyways just don't push yourself to drink beyond your limit and you should be just fine.

Step 3: Calories Intake. You have to know how many calories you are consuming. If your daily calorie intake is more than the amount of calories you burn then you will put on weight. It's a game of numbers. You need to know how many calories you need to maintain your current weight and then drop 50 calories a day and you will begin to lose weight. Once you know these things, you also need to keep track of how many calories you consume each day so that you can compare them to your target and make any necessary adjustments. Writing down your calorie consumption after each meal will help you realize how much of an effect the little piece of candy here and the occasional cookie there has on your weight although I'm sure it's such a rigorous work, you can bet on it to increase your awareness of your diet. We usually eat the same foods so you should familiarize yourself with the amount off calories in your usual foods. Try cutting the portions if need be. Important note is you actually need calories, but again the amount is what you must consider, you can consult to your health physician to get detailed information of your calories need.

Step 4: Take your time. You shouldn't try to lose weight too quickly. This could also have a detrimental effect on your health, as the sudden change will shock the body. Don't forget we want to burn the fat on our bodies not all the muscle. For our bodies to burn fat we need to exercise at a certain heart rate. If our heart rate is too high it is easier for our bodies to get energy by burning proteins and carbohydrates in our body instead of the fat. Rapid and significant weight loss from dieting alone is usually indicative of a very calorie restrictive diet, which is also counterproductive because for most of us it is unsustainable. I believe there is actually no easy way to accomplish this. You need dedication and a lot of it. Don't get fooled easily by foolish campaign like losing 20 more pounds in just a week. Even if it's true, I highly doubt that your body is doing well. Don't put yourselves at such risk, it's not worth it.

Step 5: Exercise, no replacement for this to get the best result. Muscle and activity keep our metabolism up which is why weight training to build or maintain our muscle mass and aerobic activity like walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are so important to those of us wanting to lose weight Dieting alone is not the best route to weight loss and to staying in an ideal weight range. To lose weight safely and keep it off for as long as possible, always combine dieting and exercise. Finally, I just want to say you should have a goal. You need something to motivate you and embed that into your mind so that when you feel low you can visualize your goal and motivation and this will keep you strong. Never underestimate the power the mind has over the body. Don't give in to your body easily, always remember that your body is capable more than you can think of.

The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Here are the lists of the most effective herbs for testosterone boosts. I just took it from studies that have been conducted, in other words, most people will get the benefit by consuming these herbs.

Keep in mind, of the doze. Do not take one over and over, use another herb circularly so your body doesn't build tolerance easily.

Rhodiola rosea

It is confirmed from a well controlled clinical trial that this herb function is to stimulate dopamine production in middle ages males. For your extra information, dopamine is playing role of relaxed and happy mind.

Dopamine boosts libido just as powerfully as testosterone which more than likely explains it's libido enhancing effects.

It is said that a strong increase in energy, motivation, and sexual desire will be stimulated by this herb.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, also know as Eurycoma longifolia Jack is probably the most powerful and effective natural testosterone booster available.

You can check for the ingredients of natural testosterone booster supplement and will most likely to find this herb on the list.

This herb function is to stimulate the leydig cells of the testicles to produce more testosterone as described in the "Asian Viagra" in the New Sunday Times May 1999 report.

Mucuna pruriens

Also called 'velvet bean' in Africa and India where it comes from, Mucuna pruriens functions as dopamine stimulator thus, enhancing dopamine level in your bran.

This herb increases mood, enhances creativity, and is a very strong booster of libido.

Catuaba Bark

This herb is usually taken along with Muira Puama. Both come from small to medium sized trees found in the amazon rain forest.

The bark of these trees has been used for centuries by indigenous people to increase libido and sexual stamina.

These herbs will have reactions of stronger erections, elevated mood, and increased sexual thoughts and motivation.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a very popular natural supplements for testosterone replacement. If you've tried it in the past without success, you probably made one of two common mistakes. You either did not cycle it properly, or you took the wrong product.

I've found many Tribulas products to be of very low quality, despite wild claims, and impressive packaging, in other words, it actually doesn't do much as testosterone booster, but you can always use it properly by cycling your consumption of various testosterone herbs booster to have a clear result naturally.

Exploding the Myth of ‘Hard Training’

Carrying out great training is not just a matter of conducting tough, high-quality workouts. If reaching one’s potential depended solely on training very hard, all resolute athletes would be in top form. But just a small percentage of them actually reach their pinnacle of fitness.

And why is that? The reason is not that athletes are lazy; most work very hard. The real problem is that high-quality work is a double-edged sword: it can lead you to your highest-possible level of performance, or it can destroy your ability to perform as well as you can, it is a clear result when your immune system is interrupted by too much hard exercise.

Doing too much hard training can devastate your muscles, harass your hormonal system and implode your immune system. Strenuous training must be balanced optimally with rest and recovery in order to reach the mountain-top.

Unfortunately, identifying the right balance of hard work and recovery is the most difficult part of serious training. If your training program has too much recovery, you won’t be able to carry out enough quality work to reach your peak. If your schedule has too little recovery, muscles won’t be able to repair themselves properly after workouts. Performances actually worsen instead of getting better.

The leading training newsletter Peak Performance reports that recovery should be so well understood and actively enhanced that it becomes a determinant component in training.

Peak Performance explains that recovery must do more than simply rest the muscles; it must actually move fitness upward.

For that to be true, you must completely understand recovery. You must know exactly what recovery is and precisely how long it takes.

The key is you must learn techniques for increasing your speed of recovery, so that the amount of quality work you do can be progressively expanded.

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Plastic Surgery: Brachioplasty

Arm lift or arm tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to remove redundant, flabby, and sagging skin folds of the upper arms. Rashes as well as the inability to wear any sort of sleeve can be caused by hanging arm skin folds.

Brachioplasty now gives patients the freedom to have a lifestyle that they could not enjoy before. In fact, arm lift surgery has become so popular that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, statistically the amount of brachioplasty surgeries since 1997 has tripled, with in 2005, nearly 15,000 procedures were being performed. Men have also undergone this surgery and it is not exclusive to women.

Many participants for brachioplasty are those who have had Bariatric Surgery and have lost massive weight because of it, also known as "lap banding" or "stomach stapling."This surgery is not that all beneficial because one of its results is sagging skin that hangs from the arms and other parts of the body.

Other candidates for this procedure are those who have attained upper arm flabbiness, that is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity that accompanies aging or chronic tanning.

The impact of this surgery might be felt when the candidates wearing blues or tight shirt that shows them their arm. Basically, they feel a lot more confident when wearing those shirts.

People who are not very good candidates for arm lift surgery are those who predominantly have excess fat. This includes those men and women that are better served with first undergoing liposuction. Infection called hidradenitis suppurativa in their armpits causes people with this infection to not be able to undergo this surgery until treated appropriately. It is not recommended to have brachioplasty if you have had extensive breast cancer surgery because you risk your body to have a chronic arm swelling after the surgery.

Depending on the amount and location of your excess skin, the type of arm lift performed will change. If excess hanging skin is located within two inches from the armpit, the axillary brachioplasty will be performed. For those people who have excess skin that extends like a "Bat Wing" from the elbow to the armpit, the only option is the standard brachioplasty or standard arm lift including the complete removal of the arm flab.

White Teeth is Major Part of Looks

Teeth whitening products have come to a point where your dentist can whiten your teeth in their office in as little as one hour. Your teeth can be whiten up to eight shades lighter in a single hour by your dentist using the teeth-whitening product named "Zoom." Zoom also offers a "take-home" option where you can do your own teeth whitening at home. You can see results of up to six shades lighter in as little as three days with this at home option.

UK Consumers want to win back their Smile and there is not always that to smile about in the UK at present with so much doom and gloom on the TV, news and internet concerning the recession and credit crunch but having your teeth whitened is now a viable option for many people as the treatment costs are lower. There are many other teeth whitening products on the market aside Zoom, which are also very effective.

If you're talking about looks you have to admit that looks is something important in this world. You can only access certain communities by appropriate looks.

Shiny white teeth can improve someone looks more stand out than many other beauty treatments and often they are the first area that the alteration teams target on their television shows. Away from having major teeth restoration, simply whitening your teeth can make you look significantly younger.

Professional teeth whitening like laser teeth whitening or zoom teeth whitening has seen a big increase over the last three to four years and the industry has a tried and tested treatment that can help get rid of the staining from the enamel and bring your smile back to life. Teeth dulling problems most likely be experienced when a person reaches maturity Some people simply need to use specially designed toothpaste for a whiter smile, while others who require more whitening action choose options such as Crest Whitestrips, which are applied to the teeth and allowed the time to bleach out stains and discolorations.

After you have decided that you need to whiten your teeth, the first thing you will have to do is consult your teeth whitening consultant. Your consultant is the best individual to judge whether you need to use teeth whitening bleach or any other process to whiten the color of your teeth. Other than using teeth whitening bleach there are many other procedures that can be used to lighten the stains on your teeth. Teeth whitening using teeth whitening bleach are one of the simplest ways to significantly alter your overall looks and appearance.

Zinc: Nutrition to Hair Loss Condition

Usually this question is asked by females which is understandable because they DO need extra care for their hair growth. As you all may know, every female has several stages of their growth which are puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These stages are pretty difficult to deal with especially when your hair doesn't look good.
Now let's get to the point.. What caused it? The answer is the same for both men and women, and that's DHL or Dihydrotestosterone, which you may guess, it is a byproduct from male top hormone, testosterone, even women have it too. So what does it do? Well, I just gonna give you the short answer..if your DHL scale is high then you most probably have hair loss. Just for extra info, in men and women, hair growth happens in growth-dormant-re-growth cycle.
So what can you do? Well, first you should know that our body naturally produce oil that gives nutrition to our hair root. And if you stressed out, this oil production is reduced.
A head massage will help your blood circulation and you could add lavender and sesame oil to give nutrition to your root hair.
Next is Zinc. Why Zinc? Because Zinc is what you need to restore your hair loss quickly, and not only that, Zinc will improve your immune system, pretty convenient huh? Well, it won't hurt to give it a try..
So what else? Vitamins of course..You need balanced nutrition not unhealthy diet that will get you more troubles for sure. Humans have 4 lipid soluble (A, D, E, and K) and 9 water soluble vitamins. Be sure to have enough of them..Believe it or not, vitamin A does help you to take care of your scalp and thus, hair.
Another important thing is don't mix your chemical hair lotions too much, believe me, it will damages your hair soon enough.
Now for the best hair loss treatment's still topical treatment, even though it's costly, it's really worth it.

6 Basic Principles to Gain Muscle Mass

The basic rules of building muscle mass and strength have existed for many years. Unfortunately how to gain muscle mass principles have been watered down and confused because there are so many so called "experts" out there manipulating the basic principles. This article will discuss muscle building principles that have been around and that have stood the test of time when it comes to building strength and mass.

Principle 1 -Train Your Mental State. Focus on your mental attitude as much as your physical workouts. A good mental attitude will keep you focused and motivated to achieve your workout goals. Visualize how you want to look and feel. You'll be surprised how far this principle will take you.

Principle 2 - Frequency of Training. If you are just starting out in weight training then I would recommend three times week with adequate rest in between. If you are experienced then 4 to 6 times a week is sufficient as long as you are allowing at least two days in between working each body part. This will allow adequate recovery time. Avoid following the workouts of the stars. These are usually overrated and results are typically short-lived. Short, high-intensity workouts with adequate rest periods is the key of your intensive training success.

Principle 3 -Overload. If you want to make strength and muscle gains you have to "overload" your system. You will not gain much mass if you simply keep lifting the same amount of weight at every workout because your body will accommodate to this stimulus. You should be lifting a weight with good movements that pushes you to failure, otherwise you'll end up training your body for a very long time to get the result. Once you can complete a set with that amount of weight - add more to reach failure again at your next workout. Practicing this overload principle will force your muscles to grow in size and strength.

Principle 4 - Over-Training. This is probably one of the most common areas of failure for people just starting a workout program. This happens mostly because we are over excited in the beginning and want fast results. We end up training too hard, too many times per week without allowing our bodies to rest adequately in between workouts. You should remember that our muscle regenerate and grow when we rest. The more you are working out without adequate rest the more your muscle fibers are breaking down. If you continue to over-train you will eventually begin to lose muscle mass and your desire to workout.

Principle 5 - Perform Compound Exercises. A compound exercise is one that involves multi-joint movements. Squats and deadlifts are good examples of compound exercises. These types of exercises will work multiple muscles at once vs. and isolation exercises. Therefore they recruit more muscle fibers per workout resulting in greater growth potential during your rest phase.

Principle 6 - Energy Levels. If you've ever worked out before I'm sure you have experienced the "crash phenomenon." All of a sudden you have no energy to completer your workouts. This is because your body only has a limited energy supply to work with. So it stands to reason that you want to accomplish as much as you can as quickly as you can. Your blood sugar levels (which are a marker of energy levels) can drop within 30 minutes of working out. Based on this you should try to stimulate as many muscle fibers as you can in that amount of time. Performing a high intensity workout before your energy level depletes will allow you to gain maximum muscle.

10 Simple Ways to Impress Your Boss and Partners

We all want to be appreciated in our work whether from our officer or our partners. That situation could very much affecting toward our work. Should any problem occur whether from our obnoxious partners or our hot headed boss could decrease our potential at work. How good it would be if we are in a good condition and relaxing. All of our responsibility fulfilled, our partners encourage us, and have a caring boss.

There are some companies that have a tradition to point out "Employee of the Month" among its employees. Such reward toward good employee is given to someone who is considered have the most achievement on certain month. Usually, that kind of reward will support them in the future.

One of the ways to reach improvement of our careers is to impress our officer with our work. But you should pay attention that there are special tricks to make our superiors look at us with impression. Don't make any wrong step that could make us look like a someone looking for more attention.

Not all of bosses can be easily impressed especially when we're in the middle of competitive condition, each of the employee wants to show his/her potential. Of course we're not the only one.. Just a wrong move and it could lead to the condition where our co-workers dislike us and very potentially put us in poor working situation.

There are some tips that I could give you so you can implement those in the office to make our bosses 'fall in love' without interrupting other people. Aside from that, there is a chance that we'll be appreciated not just by our bosses but from our co-workers as well.

First tip: Work as a team
It is one of things that our bosses like. With other co-workers, we'll do our responsibility for the same goal. So we have to develop our skill in working with others and helping each other. Help those without exception and don't be shy to give complement for what they've done.

Second tip: Enjoy your work
Always look cheerful and enthusiastic, even when there are a lot of work to do. Just do what is told without any comment. One of the HRD manager of a big company have said that we can work hard and still enjoy it. Show some positive attitudes and personality. But we also have to know our limit. Just be honest to our superior if we can't do it alone. Don't get stuck in an 'can't be done task'.

Third tip: Work well
Be convinced and show it to our boss that we can do all of our jobs with 100% responsibility. Our superior will notice that we're doing it almost perfectly. But do not give disadvantage situation to others to reach our goal. Be a countable employee. Get the job done before deadline, and always be on time. Don't forget to call the office if we have other business that make us unable to go to the office, of course with a good reason.

Fourth tip: Show initiative
Why don't we give a solution of a problem instead always expecting answers from questions? If we hope that one day manager position or even higher rank can be reached, we have to find and give solution of work problems. Don't just be a 'doll' in the office, be initiative to show our biggest potential, but don't overdo it. Let the boss make the final decision, we make solutions. That would be convenient for our superior without showing doubts about his/her ability. Instead, he/she will think that decision has been thought before. Well, good for us..get ready for promotion!

Fifth tip: Become essential
Being an expert in one field that others can't comprehend is showing technical skill that is very needed by companies, relatively hard to be done. For an example, a staff in marketing agency have made a job for nothing to handle database. Meanwhile, the managing director is paying attention silently for what he's done.Soon, he is promoted to be a database consultant for company client. Good example, isn't it?

Sixth tip: Take a risk
Try to think of this, there are many superiors who are ambitious, one who always looking and recognizes talent and the same quality of someone else. This ambitious trait will make us more confident and dare to take a risk. As an example, we can apply to be part of a challenging new project willingly. Our superior will judge us as someone who dares to take a risk to moving forward.

Seventh tip: Be honest
Don't ever hide something from our superiors, especially when it comes to work. Be honest for anything that includes professionalism during work. Tell the truth if we make any mistake. Our superior will appreciate more someone who admit mistake than someone who hides from it and let other people make up for it. Learn from experience to avoid those mistakes.

Eighth tip: Clean up your mess
Being an expert in making excuses is something we can't be proud of. Being able to admit weaknesses and dare to take responsibility are two noble traits in our career. If we don't know, then say we don't know.If we make mistakes, admit them. Then, make a step to clean up the mess. An employee who avoids responsibility will make his/her boss frustrated. In general, people will not get you down when we fall. Humans make mistakes, and it's relieving to hear someone admit and regret for the mistakes they've done. If you don't do that, you'll just end up putting yourselves in a disadvantage situation and disappointing your superior.

Ninth tip: Be professional
Whatever you're dealing with in your personal life, don't let it affect you in work. We mustn't mix between personal and business life. Indeed, it's not that easy. When people hurt you in your personal life, you're demanded to finish a lot of work regardless your condition. Learn to always be a professional in every chances. That includes when our boss is angry because our mistakes, don't let it get you. Accept it as a valuable lesson for your own good and your career.

The last tip: Dress perfectly
Have you ever heard, looks is everything that matters? Make your boss be impressed with perfect looks, he/she will be proud having you around. If your boss know you as someone who always looks perfect, there is a big chance you'll be asked to deal with many clients. Who knows in the future, your clients are impressed and give your boss a good report about yourselves. That's a plus we've already gained.

Negative Effects of Smoke Exposion

We all know that inhaling second hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking itself. Many people wonder whether the dangers of inhaling cigar smoke are just as dangerous, or more.
Unfortunately, studies have shown that being exposed to secondhand smoke from a lit cigar can be just as dangerous or more than regular cigarette smoke.
Environmental tobacco smoke is a class to all secondhand smoke emitted by tobacco products. Environmental tobacco smoke is referred to all the secondhand smoke released from tobacco products that are lit, such as cigars or cigarette. Studies have indicated that the smoke from cigars and cigarettes releases many of the same types of irritants. Both cigar and cigarette environmental tobacco smoke contain nicotine, CO (which is a very toxic compound for your lungs), hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia.
The environmental tobacco smoke from cigars and cigarettes also releases well-known carcinogens (compounds that can stimulate cancer cell growth) such as vinyl chloride, benzene, arsenic, hydrocarbons, and nitrosamines. Cigars, because of their size, usually release more environmental tobacco smoke than cigarettes. More health threat can be posed just by being around cigar smoke than inhaling secondhand smoke from a lit cigarettes.
Another reason why cigars produce greater amounts of carcinogens is in their girth and length. We all know that cigars are bigger than cigarettes and that size enables them to release much more smoke containing higher concentrations of toxins and irritants. Also, cigars are designed to be smoked much more slowly than regular cigarettes. What's more, cigar smokers are encouraged to take their time and enjoy the relaxing experience. Of course, that gives them more reason to smoke with pleasure while polluting with more smoke. It is advised for all non-smokers to avoid areas where, especially cigars, are being smoked. For smokers, please keep in mind of your surroundings, do smoke in a well-ventilated area.

Remedies for Herpes

It is not recommended to take -over the counter ointments- for HSV treatment since they can interfere with the bodies healing process in a number of ways, causing herpes outbreaks to last longer. Try to keep the infected area clean and as dry as possible. And also gives certain area adequate air to speed up healing process.

The frequency of outbreaks can often be influenced through effective stress management, and getting adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

Illness, poor diet, physical stress, friction in the effected area, prolonged exposure to sun light, surgical trauma, or steroidal medication (such as asthma treatment) may trigger a herpes outbreak.

Some often ask about an amino acid by the name of lysine (L-lysine; L stands for the 'left handed stereo isomer' which is a typical kind of amino acids found in nature), because of Internet claims or claims from other people that it helps treat outbreaks. Lysine is a healthy natural compound that is found in all living organisms. Reduced frequency of recurrences and speed up healing time can be triggered by lysine supplements. Many individual and government research studies show this amino acid to help the herpes virus from multiplying.

Lysine can be easily obtained from local health store. Although there are benefits for consuming this amino acid, you should consult your physician about your dose limit. Megadoses of lysine may throw other amino acids out of balance and interfere with the absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Some people might claim that arginine (one of the amino acids) containing food could induce imbalance of their body intake. Some might even say that arginine plays some roles to induce the outbreak. One that is certain is that there is not enough evidence to prove that.

Over the counter Herpes tablets are available and many people swear by them. There are blogs filled with people bragging to be outbreak free, simply by taking a product on a regular basis. One product that keeps popping up is Viruxo. We have found hundreds of claims from people suffering with herpes, that have had very impressive results from using Viruxo.

These are information on Viruxo taken from various articles and blog:

"Viruxo contains unique ingredients which can suppress the Herpes Virus. These compounds have been found beneficial, by both government and private controlled studies. Since there is no current cure for Herpes, it is critically important to keep the virus in check and control its growth. The main ingredient in Viruxo is one of the only known compounds that has been proven to slow the growth and replication of the Herpes Virus. Viruxo also contains other important ingredients to help boost your body's immune system to help it naturally ward off the Herpes Virus. If an outbreak should occur, Viruxo's other ingredients significantly shorten the healing time. Viruxo will help your entire immune system. If you are not having an outbreak, it is probably because your immune system is keeping the virus in check. It is said your immune systems function at a fraction of their potential through traditional diet. Taking Viruxo will actually boost your immune system giving it the ability to kill the Herpes virus through its precise blend of ingredients. Your body's ability to get on top of HSV and control recurrences is directly related to the state of your immune system. Without a strong immune system the body can become overwhelmed by Herpes, sometimes allowing severe and persistent outbreaks to surface. Your immune system is the very reason why many symptoms (such as fever, headaches and flu-like illness) are commonly only experienced during the "primary" outbreak or first exposure to the virus. During a first Herpes outbreak, the immune system develops antibodies and other weapons against the virus. During a recurrence, then, this "immune memory" can help to fight off infection more quickly. As a result, as time goes on there are usually fewer sores, they heal faster, and the overall outbreak is less painful. If you use Viruxo to create a strong immune system, you can expect to have greater control over HSV and any symptoms that go with it. This can mean fewer sores, longer spaces in between each episode and less severe symptoms when they happen."

After our research we have come to the conclusion that if an individual takes the proper supplements, has a proper diet, gets the proper rest and takes care of their overall health, herpes doesn't have to control or hinder a normal life style.

From that information, I can assume that you need to take the supplement daily to get the best result, but I recommend not to take a large dose of that supplement as I am not so sure if it really doesn't interrupt our body function at cellular level, some people might be having sensitive reaction to these mixed ingredients, especially about information regarding HSV replication blocking. It may not be at our advantage to rely too much on such supplement as it can potentially interrupt our protein synthesis and can potentially generate new mutants that immune to this kind of treatment.

Chlorine Negatife Effects Contained in Tap Water

You should be aware when you use tap water for showering. Why? The answer lies with the amount of chlorine (Cl) presents in such water.

The major problem is that chlorine is a toxic element to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Chlorine vaporizes quickly in the air causes skin to dry, so many people, usually wealthy people, use chlorine water filter to maintain their skin condition especially when they're swimming and showering.

Now, studies have shown some negative effects that chlorine could cause. First, if you have an asthma, then chlorine is a bad news for you as it vapors easily in the air and the vaporized element triggers your asthma. In the US, the water is contained with chlorine that exceeds the limit that considered to be safe.

If you are pregnant, then chlorine tap water could defect your baby as chlorination forms a cancer-causing byproduct called THMs. Although there are researchers still arguing about this subject, you should take more cautious step for your own and baby's health. I prefer to take the safest way, of course.

Now then, you may be thinking to drink such water is more dangerous than to make skin contact with it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that assumption is wrong in some aspects. Researchers believe that the carcinogenic THMs is accumulated in your body through your skin. That part alone is pretty dangerous as human skin is not easily penetrated by soluble element, but chlorine CAN.

Originally, chlorine is used as bactericidal element which kills bacteria, but studies have shown that chlorine actually triggers bacteria in your skin to release their byproducts which usually harmful to us. Not only that, chlorine reaction with antibacterial soap also triggers bacteria to produce their byproducts even more. It is a fact that the byproducts are often the most dangerous part of pathogenic bacteria. So, if you really concern about your health, even if you are a healthy guy, you should really do something about this.

Now, not all shower water filters on the market remove THMs. Most of them reduce only chlorine, since that was the initial reason that people wanted them.

Only two products on the market effectively reduce chlorine, THMs and other chemical contaminants, as well as the heavy metal lead and the stain causing copper. One costs only $67. The other costs over $200.

It is made by the Wellness Company and the claims that the company makes are exaggerated. There is simply no reason to spend that kind of money.

Hopefully, that covers the question of how dangerous is tap water for showering. It's not a problem, as long as you have effective shower water filters in your home.

Colors of The Aura in Brief Descriptions

What is aura? All matter is surrounded by some kind of energy which is called aura - whether that is animate or inanimate (can be seen or not). The aura also has lines of energy, which appear as radiant streams of energy extending one or two feet out into the auric field. In Pranic Healing, these are referred to as Health Rays. The methods of seeing and feeling these energy rays is one of the easiest ways to interpret the health of a person.

It takes dedicated practice to be able to visualize one's aura. Pendulum is often used as a tool to help on this subject.

General Meaning of the Colors:

The meaning of colors is a very in-depth study. Below here is the short descriptive of each aura.

Red=Powerful energy. It signifies strong will and dynamism. Too much red may mean an imbalance in temperament - aggressiveness

Orange=Warmth, Creativity, emotions. It indicates a strong and courageous person. Muddier shade of orange indicates pride, worry or vanity.

Yellow =Mental activity. Compared, to others colors, this color is easier to see. It indicates mental activity, psychic abilities and optimism. Deeper yellow indicates excessive thinking and analyzing, over-critical.

Green =Sensitivity and Compassion. It is a color of maturity and calmness - Traits of reliable person. Although, the muddier color represents uncertainty and miserliness.

Blue=Devotion and Truth. This color is easy to see as well. It reflects devotion, truth and clarity. The muddier shades indicate melancholy, worrying, domineering, fearfulness.

Pink =Compassion, love and purity. It indicates a quiet modest type of person. The muddier colour can reflect an immaturity and a lack of truth.

Gold =Dynamic spiritual energy. It indicates a person coming into their own power a person of enthusiasm and inspiration. The Muddier shades can reflect a lack of clarity, the person is still working to becoming a "golden being".

Violet and Purple=Warmth and Transmutation. It is the color of the blending of heart and mind - a person who is on the spiritual path. The muddier shades indicate a person who feels misunderstood.

Grey =Initiation. A movement towards development of innate abilities of spirit. The darker shades indicate imbalance.

Brown =The color of the Earth. Reflects new growth in a person. If seen around the head area it means cleansing is needed as the person is clogged.

White =Truth and purity. The color white has all the colors and when seen in conjunction with other colors it is an indication of just a poor perception of the aura. The white separate from other colors is the pure color and indicates a person is cleansing and purifying.

Black =Protection. The person is protecting himself or herself. The negative aspects cause imbalance, holes in the auric field. This color is dominant in cases of abuse.

Silver =Fertility and growth.

Green Grass Meat For Your Healthier Meat Choice

For those of you who wonder whether green grass meat is good for you, then you've come to the right place to gain information. For many people, green grass meat is loved and used excessively these days. The main info is that grass fed meat proves to be very advantageous for health of the human being but that holds true for some products, not all of it. Consequently, you can never have too much meat even though it's green grass meat and expect to have normal blood pressure and cholesterol.

Grass fed meat has some drawbacks due to which mostly people avoid eating grass fed meat. Here, you will read about how healthier grass fed meat is given below. This article will surely help you to understand the benefits of this kind of food. There are some important facts about grass fed meat that you must know. I like red meat, including beef, sheep, and goats, but has cut back because of health problems because I don't wanna have high cholesterol residing within my body and to maintain my good blood pressure.

Since most of my consumption of red meat is beef, I wondered if the meat of grass-fed beef might be healthier because some people say that red meat is bad for your blood pressure. This is what I found after extensive research, including talking with nutrition lists and physicians. Most of the beef, at least in America, who was raised in cages and fed corn and soy products. Breeders also added hormones, so the animals grow faster, and antibiotics to their feed to prevent infection.

This sounds very bad to me. Drug stopped long enough before slaughter meat should be free from them, and it may be true although I worry about the residual effects, after all there is this saying that holds true: "You are what you eat". One of the residual effects is clear cut that this beef has more fat content is high, good, and bad. Grass-fed cows free range. Loose cattle eat grass, and therefore get more exercise. They are more low fat, and therefore healthier, but some people will find them harder and not as aromatic.

Opinions vary, but I like the taste. This unfortunately is more expensive and difficult to find unless you live near major cities. In addition, there is no guarantee that it is raised free of drugs unless it is labeled. So, is the meat of grass-fed beef healthy? Yes, but only slightly according to the experts. Still it is recommended you limit yourself to 4 ounces of 2 or 3 times a week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corelation Between Paid Sick Regulation and Attendance of Sick People at Work

Paid sick day legislation is already a legal issue of many countries, but it probably still will not stop employers from trying to punish employees for missing work without a doctor's note if they are that serious about it in the first place. It is understood that these people need to have their employees working in order to be most productive, and even that some people will take sick days or time off when they aren't really that sick, but for those who are, it's a lose-lose situation. In these times, when people lack insurance to get the medical care that they need and they lack the ability to miss work without a doctor's note, consultations of online doctor might prove to be the change that they need to help them balance the fine line between medical expenses and missing work.

Someone who has a cold or a flu bug once or twice a year can generally get by without having to worry about job security because of their illness. However, those employees who have chronic illnesses and miss a lot of work could be significantly impacted by this issue. Studies have shown that about one-quarter of the people with chronic illness that are on sick leave end up losing their jobs in the future, and that their sick leave definitely factors into that loss of employment. Even though health officials caution people to stay home if and when they are ill, many people are afraid that they will lose their jobs if they do so.

Considering that one-third of the flu cases in the country each year are spread in the workplace and in schools, and that 48% of Americans, according to the Healthy Families Act, do not have paid sick days at their job - this is a major epidemic, yes, more like a disease which is created within society. If people don't have adequate sick time in their jobs, they will continue to come to work sick, thus infecting other people. There are two bad sides of this case, first, you can call it undirected violation of human rights. Although they are free to choose whether to work or not, for some people it left no choice for them in the first place. Second, if they infecting other people at work, wouldn't it be putting the company at a disadvantage position?

Sometimes, even a doctor's note isn't enough for the most extreme cases, However, there are a growing number of employers who are willing to make concessions when an employee has a doctor's note to explain their absence and their illness. Unfortunately though, far too many people don't have health insurance coverage, which leads to another problem. When employees are sick, they can neither afford to miss work NOR go to the doctor. It's a battle of evils here for many people, who have to choose between working while sick or staying home (often without pay) and paying out of their pockets for a doctor's visit.

Online doctors, online physician consultations, and online doctor prescriptions can help. When people can't go to work because they are too ill, employers usually want to see a doctor's note. Instead of leaving their homes, with qualified, legitimate online doctor services, people can stay at home and be treated via the phone or Internet - for low cost and high convenience.

Often, if an employee shows up without a note, he or she is reprimanded, written up, or even suspended for not following the rules. How are people supposed to rest and relax so that they can get back to being themselves if they can't even take time off of work without fearing for their jobs?

Online doctor consultations are often more affordable than a typical doctor's visit, and people can find many reputable resources online to use when they are feeling under the weather. Most of the legitimate sites won't give out pain medications because of the huge prescription abuse problem that exists, but when you have a sniffle or a cough, they can be a great way to get the medical opinion that you need and a legitimate, legal doctor's note that will satisfy your employer. Until a compromise is found, this may be the only way that some people can avoid losing their jobs because they have to call in sick.

Metabolize Fat Faster

Exercise slims your figure and makes you more muscle-bound, which in turn makes you look taller although the one you actually train is your smooth muscle. Exercise can also help you to gain more density of your bones. It makes them stronger and less certain to weaken or shrink during old age, in turn it will greatly reduce your potential of having osteoporosis. Exercise three days every week for at least thirty minutes for a long walk, five to fifteen minutes for running, and a mixture of walk calorie foods, so over weight folks should use these more often.

Caffeinated drinks also help because a rise in heartbeat rate boosts metabolism as does drinking ice water because your body uses more energy in heating the water to metabolize it. Caffeine, nicotine, and the more illicit THC, cocca, and amphetamines are all drugs. Shockingly, high fructose corn syrup is also considered a drug. One very important note is the dose of those drinks. Drink coffee (contains a lot of caffeine) could be at your advantage if you carefully consume it. To drink coffee everyday with certain dose (to put it simple, it's the volume of your daily cup of coffee), is not recommended as caffeine is basically toxic to our body, so our body needs more time to regulate caffeine.

Drink skim milk or water when you're parched to replace and rehydrate your body efficiently. Drinking a large amount of water will help your body run better so water can basically raise your metabolism. The fact is though, that coffee does slow your metabolism often; so only drink as much as you want. Drinking one or two glasses each day adds heavy benefits when you're making an attempt to shed the pounds.

Eat highly tasty, low sugar, high fiber foods, and try avoiding the easy sugars. Eat tiny meals often during the day. To raise your metabolism, eating four tiny frequent meals each 3 hours is obviously the handiest way to give yourself a fast metabolism. This implies that you'll have to practice eating 5 to 6 meals a day. Fastamine-Z works by curtailing your appetite, forestalling excess calories from turning to fat, and by permitting your body to increase metabolism naturally.

Fastin is regarded to be a Sympathomimetic appetite suppressor, famous for the short term treatment of obesity. The sympathomimetic appetite suppressors ( FASTIN ) will help you to shed pounds while you are learning new paths to eat and to exercise. Green tea extract, also found in NutriThin, has been shown in studies to increase metabolism naturally and aid with fat-burning. Green Tea's famous role in weight reduction is displayed in many research and clinical tests, and is well-known.

Autism Related to Vaccination Containing Mercury

(Artism of Autism by Aspect & The Jammy Gallery)

What is Autism? Autism is an extremely mysterious disease that has pitted doctor vs. doctor, parent vs. doctor, and parent vs. parent. Because there is no defined cause as of right now, everyone seems to have their own opinion of what the causes and treatments are. Interestingly, what continues this battle is the fact that some children respond shockingly well to certain treatments, while others do not, causing this war to continue to wage. Autism is known to have different effects on different children. Some of these are: difficulty with eye contact, some are easily over-stimulated in even somewhat calm situations. They are unable to handle loud noises or interruptions. They often have difficulty reading signals and cues and having proper reactions to everyday occurrences, although some may say that children with autism is beyond genius, most children with autism have the most trouble with communication, in extreme cases not being able to communicate at all which is often makes the main problem.

One of the most harmful thing we do to children could be giving them immunization containing mercury, while trying to actually do the best for them. Of course, that heavy metal could be found on non-sterile syringe. Needless to say that only very small amounts of mercury is needed to alter children body and mind conditions because anything that goes straight to blood stream is far more reactive than from intestinal tract (oral/from mouth). For a parent who has a child living with autism, they are familiar with the possible link that has been well publicized between mercury, which has always been included in many childhood vaccinations, and autism.

Many parents agree with the link between mercury and autism, due to vaccinations with mercury. Some parents say that their children behaved perfectly normally up until the point when they were vaccinated with vaccines that included mercury. As the amount and potency of vaccines has increased over the years, so has the incidences of autism- in the past 10 years, the cases of autism have increased by ten times. One study of lab mice showed that when levels of mercury were introduced to mice in levels similar to what was given to children, the lab mice experienced extreme changes in their brain, including repetitive behaviors, almost immediately withdrawing themselves from their surroundings, and being resistant to any kind of change. These are characteristics of autism, leading many parents to believe this may be a valid link between mercury and autism.

Many medical professionals though, disagree. Although the study with the mice sounds compelling, there have been hundreds of studies done, many which do not show a link. The five largest studies ever done went five for five in showing that there was no link between mercury and autism, and the results were inconclusive.

In conclusion, many believe we should simply err on the conservative side. This is why most pharmaceutical companies are developing vaccines without mercury. Possibly, only a handful of children retain the mercury in their bodies while regularly functioning children eliminate it, which would explain why some autistic children have 20 and 25 times the recommended "safe" levels of mercury in their bodies in testing while some children have none. These discrepancies are at the heart of the autism debate, and all we can do is wait and pray that medical researchers will soon find a resolution to whether vaccinations with Mercury play a role in autism.

Happy as You Want to Be

Almost everyone have heard the hit single 'Don't worry, Be happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone. Bobby McFerrin's simple message surely made a lot of people happy by telling them not to worry (even Jesus said that too).
Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health. Being happy actually protects you from stresses of life. Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.
One of better things ever said is - "the only thing in life that will always remain the same is change", and in our life we have the power to make the necessary changes if we want to. Even if we find ourselves in an unbearable situation we can always find solace in the knowledge that it too would change.
Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness. People are different, accept people for who they are can avoid clashes, constant arguments, and let go of all kinds of resentments. If arguments seem unavoidable still try and make an effort to understand the situation and you might just get along well with.
Happiness is actually found in everyone, increasing it is a way to make life more wonderful and also more healthy.
To be happy is relatively easy, just decide to be a happy person. Abraham Lincoln observed that most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, how bright or dull their outlook to be. The choice is really simple, just choose to be happy.
There are several ways by which you can do this.
Being grateful is a great attitude. we have so much to be thankful for. Thank the taxi driver for bringing you home safely, whatever you do, do it with sincere heart.
News is stressful, get less of it, but of course, if you find it interesting, than that is the good news for you. Just be a well-informed person, don't over do it.
Get into religious community if you feel like it. It will help you to understand other people point of view when they can think clearly.
Manage your time. Time is invaluable and too important to waste, manage your time so you can do what you've gotta do and do what you wanna do.
Don't forget to laugh..this is important thing to do. Watch comedy shows or whatever that you find it funny.
Express you feelings and affections to those around you, especially those who are close to you. Of course, your expression should be balanced by your reasoning, but don't let reasoning to always keep you to express you feelings.
Working hard to give satisfaction of yourselves.
Learning is a joyful exercise, try and learn something new everyday, don't worry you don't have to do different things to accomplish this goal. Just the same routine can give you many experiences when you have different point of views.
Run, jog, walk, and do other things that your body was made for and let you feel alive.
Feel the passion of being alive!