Thursday, November 26, 2009

General and Advanced Report of H1N1 Virus as the Cause of Epidemic Flu

H1N1 or most known as bird flu is categorized to type A influenza virus that attacks animals, including bird, pig, horse, and human. Aside from type A, there are 2 groups of influenza virus which are type B and C that can only attack human and doesn't cause epidemic (disease outbreaks in large scale). Type A has caused 3 epidemics in human history in just about 100 years.

The most terrible case that has ever occurred for the past 100 years was happened in 1918-1919 which is known as "Spanish flu (by H1N1 virus)." It has killed nearly 40 millions people including World War I soldiers. Studies have shown that the main cause (origin) of that pandemic (global epidemic) was birds.

The most possible scenario of virus development during pandemic is the virus has mutated during host transfer (transfer of virus from one host to another host on different species). When animals are infected by more than one virus strain, that different strain experiencing 'recombination' if their RNA molecules match one another which causes them to mix during viral assembly. Another major factor is mutation (virus is very prone to mutation) which creates new strain that is able to attack human cell. Because of that new strain existence, our immune system can't work effectively even for human that has high antibody titer (as healthy as a horse like they say). If that new virus strain experienced recombination with a virus strain that could circulate among humans, then the resulting virus could affect from one person to another person.

Different strains of type A has been categorized according to their protein structures on their surface, those protein structures are hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). We have known 16 different types of hemagglutinin, protein which helps virus attachment to host cell, and 9 types of neuraminidase, an enzyme which role is to release new virus particle (virion) from infected cells by breaking glycosidic bond in glycoprotein and glycolipid. Water birds have been known to carry virus strains with all possible H and N combination!

H1N1 influenza symptoms are very similar to ordinary influenza which include fever, cough, throat infection, fatigue, muscle pain, runny nose, diarrhea, and vomiting. Those symptoms could last for days, weeks, or even more. Symptoms usually can be detected after 1-4 days after infection. This virus spreads through liquid that comes from nose and mouth, just like seasonal influenza virus. Pay attention to this: "H1N1 virus could live temporarily on dead objects, in the wet area, that is caused by the infected organisms and it's safe only when it's dry completely.

A research has been conducted that shows correlation between H1N1 infection and Reye's syndrome occurrence. The research tested alanine aminotransferase serum level (SGPT) and creatine phosphokinase (CPK) whereas CPK value isn't correlated to Reye disease, infection, and SGPT level. On the other hand, SGPT value has correlation with the infection although it doesn't have direct relationship with Reye disease occurrence.

One of the ways to enhanced immunity with H1N1 is through vaccine CAIV-T injection which is still being conducted in United States, the main targets are 5-49 years old people. Through a research that has been conducted, we have known that CAIV-T vaccine has >90% efficiency in suppressing virus growth for the detectable strain in our immune system and between 50 and 90% for different strains. CAIV-T vaccine could suppress the growth of type B influenza virus (Sichuan virus) although it has lower efficiency compared to type A virus. Injection with overdose CAIV-T doesn't give better result than normal dose (normal dose is given once every 3 weeks for total of 6 weeks). This statement still has to be studied even further.

Type A influenza virus has caused epidemic thanks to the H1N1 and H3N2 strains. A result of research which was conducted by Vanderbilt University has shown that people who have been infected by H1N1 strain in the last 20 years, has more effective immunity against H3N2 strain compared to normal human. By this research, we have known that H1N1 strains have lower virulence level compared to H3N2. A serology test using <4 years old baby and infants has been conducted to reach that statement. In this test, when given H1N1 virus (attenuated form), the babies don't have influenza syndrome but it was the other way around when given H3N2 virus (attenuated form).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Light in Our Daily Life

Now what I want to do is to express my will and spend some time to write for somebody who needs a new breeze, something that may reawaken his light in his life. This is about a story, a reflection for ourselves. Often, change in your life couldn't be happening instantly even though you really desire it. It takes time, continuous effort, dedication, and an undying passion to achieve it. It is indeed easier said than done, in reality we often just play cat and mouse of our desire and our act, a never ending game.

We are so tightly bound to what we've achieved and often, it's not like we imagine it. So now, let me try to give you a warm story to relax your mind and soul, and just could get a new inspiration which will make your life easier..Well, don't get me wrong, your problems would likely stay the way they are, but how you deal with them is what matters in your life.

Samantha White is a teenage girl. Once, she joined with a professional climbers community to climb a hill. Judging by her body form and experience, she still has a long way to go to match with the climbers, there are many who doubt her that she will be able to reach the top. However, it turns out the other way! Samantha is the only climber who has reached the top. Afterward, those climbers asked Samantha how in the world she did that. Samantha reply, "When I was climbing, I always focus my attention and vision to the top of the pine trees on top of the hill. I always hope to get to the top as fast as possible."

In our life, we often deal with difficult problems, just like climbing which is very tiring. When that happens, we are starting to doubt our ability and losing our determination. We lose our faith, faith in ourselves. If we can't pull this all alone, always remember that we CAN pull this together with God who never close His eyes and always ready to help you out.
Just stay strong, keep your passion alive, and remember that you are with God in this whenever you want to. If it sounds strange to you than how about give it a try, at least IMAGINE it that you ARE with Him, then I hope you will find that you are with God, always been and always will.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Everything Available at the Lower Price at Triple Clicks

Is it really possible to buy almost everything in just one place and even more at low price? Those were an interesting sentence that captivated my attention when my friend introduced me with this amazing offer on September. To be honest, I was being skeptical at that moment. I thought that he might be offering me with something else on his mind, after all there is no such thing like almost everything in just one store AND YOU CAN ORDER THOSE THINGS AT HOME, yes, they promote the store online, so no sweat to get what you want!
That something that was introduced to me 2 months ago is called Triple Clicks! Then, when I got home after that event with my friend, I began with my little research about this Triple Click. And, here are information that I found:
TripleClicks offers more than 10.000 products and still updating regularly. Those products are arranged by categories. The categories are : Arts & Crafts, Beauty & Fragrance, Books, Business, Collectibles, Computers, Education, Electronics, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Live Entertainment, Magazines, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music & Games, Personal Care, Pet Care, Phone & Tech Services, Real Estate, Romance, Sports & Outdoors, Tools & Automotive, Toys, Kids & Baby, Travel, and MaxMalls. Looks almost everything, don't you agree?
Additionally, there are new products added to the store through the TC Private Seller Program which means you CAN SELL YOUR UNWANTED THINGS HERE! Of course, you can't sell guns, drugs, human organs, and some other things which you can see in the information section.
Plus, here's the special part: Everyday, there is a new product of the day, which you can buy at half price or even lower! Of course, what they mean by product of the day is that special bargain is only available on just that day and is limited so you better hurry!
So, what are you waiting for? Get your wanted items, sell your unwanted items and start your smart shopping right here and now! You can thank me for introducing this spectacular market later because I was helped by this market and I feel like I have to tell everybody about this.
Now, enough with my little research, here, I will tell you about my experience of this interesting market. About two weeks ago, my house was over flooded by my relatives (we gather for once or twice a year). They stayed at my house for a week! And my house suddenly turned into a classroom with spoiled students inside. And to make things worse, there is a baby (his name is Ricky) inside my house. Of course those loud noises scare the little baby and soon the baby got sick! Unfortunately, I don't have much time to go shopping to buy something to monitor the Ricky's temperature without disturbing him (I don't want to wake the sleeping baby just to check his temperature) . So, finally after two months, I used TripleClicks service and buy infrared ear thermometer digital. The product met my expectation and I'm very grateful for the service because it didn't take too long to get my order delivered. So, why don't you make your life easier by using this TripleClicks service? I can't see why not.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whatever you do, Don't Join!!

Well, at
least not until you have read this review. My heading was
not some ploy to get you to find out what is wrong with Rather, it was meant to get your
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Okay, so
what is

To be
totally honest, I cannot fault it any way whatsoever and if
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The concept
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From the
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what he's done with

A quick
summary of the IPP homepage reveals that IPP is a resell
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layers of nice goodies. In Fact, Jane Mark from describes it better...

know. It's resale rights gone MLM and viral but that doesn't tell half the story. People who
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You set it for them You give them
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They don't have to do a thing. I love

They can even let people know by twitter
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Here is
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member of IPP get a product store where all products in the
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Every month
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Now, this
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Every time
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At the same
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Now then, what are you waiting for? You can join now for free here. As for going pro which I'll tell you next, you can actually refuse it for the first time and still be able to retain your pro membership at low price at the second time.


I am not
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As a pro
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which made me realise Craig thought of everything is the pro
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As a pro
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The system is a rare gem. It is a full stay
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I know you
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This is one
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Hint: When
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