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Read This Before You Enter The Gym: How to Choose Your Best Gym

Diet plan will never be removed if you want to lose weight, but it is also crucial to maintain body fitness when you’re doing a lot of diet. One of the best ways to do this is to join a gym. Now it’s pretty easy to find a gym in your area, of course some are not. Joining a gym can be expensive, so it is important that you careful consider all of the gyms near to your home in order to pick the very best one possible to meet you weight loss and exercise needs on a daily basis, you want to get good result right when you join the gym?

The first thing you should consider when you are looking at gym is the trainer. If you’ll be taking a class or working with a personal trainer, you’ll want to be sure that you’re working with someone who is experienced and will teach you the best habits possible. Unfortunately, there are no set qualifications for trainers in the United States, the best way to determine it yourself is by checking whether they have a program or not.

You should also look at the equipments available for your use and the hours the gym is open. Quantity can be your key to determine it. You also may find that your exercise schedule is disrupted if the gym is open at odd or short hours. It is very important to find a place that will allow you to have a great workout at a time of day that is convenient for you. I enter a gym that is open all the time except for national holidays and it is still open after I finish my work.

Cleanliness should also be of concern. All gyms should provide a tour of their facilities at the very least, or a free trial to check out the gym’s space on your own. If the gym is dirty, you could be susceptible to illnesses as they spread among members at the gym. Locker room and machines cleanliness is crucial, they should have people cleaning those places and have some antibacteria products. Organization is important too—you don’t want to be tripping over weights that are lingering on the floor or feeling cramped in a sweating high-volume area.

Lastly, you should check out prices. Some gyms charge you for a full year membership while others charge you monthly. Do what works for you. You may end up spending hundreds or thousands of collars on your gym membership, so it is important to find the gym that best suits your needs, and consider how much do you want to take a break from the gym, I recommend for monthly membership if you are a pretty busy person. Look at the ones closest to your house, but also consider those that a bit farther away if they seem better to join.

Atkins Diet is Not for Everyone

The Atkins diet has much influence on diet world for over the past few decades. This health phenomenon is based on The Atkins Diet, a book by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. His concept involves about consuming carbohydrates rather than fat for weight loss. Many people have found great success using the Atkins diet. What I mean by many people is that not everyone can achieve success with this diet so you better talk to your doctor to make sure it is a good idea for you.

Atkins diet will make you do a little calorie counting and free from junk foods and processed foods. You will also be eating few carbohydrates and many foods high in protein. The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet which will require you to reduce the intake of these foods so that your body will enter a phase called ketosis. During ketosis, your body will burn fat in the body for fuel instead of using the foods in your diet, which will in turn stop insulin production, which will in turn prevent more fat from being stored.

There are four main stages to the Atkins diet: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance, and maintenance. The induction stage will take place in the first two weeks. During this time, many people report losing 15 pounds or more, simply because carbohydrate intake is cut down to 20 grams every day. You only get very limited carbs from low-carb vegetables. The second stage, known as ongoing weight loss, will let you have 25 grams every day. You will then move on to pre-maintenance, in which you can try out other foods to see what carbohydrates you can add into your diet. After you’ve reached your weight loss goals, you may eat all good carbs, but the actual goal of this diet is that you will not choose these foods. In fact, choosing healthy carbs will become a way of life.

As with any diet, you’ll have to exercise in order to lose weight. Healthy lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, are also important. For the contra part, many people have called into question the safety of the Atkins diet due to its severe methods, and some say that the plan only makes you bounce back to your original weight as so as you hit the maintenance level which is of course the true character of nature: stability; and that proves that Atkins diet is nature’s way to be healthy. The key is to find something that works for you and your weight loss goals and that is healthy for your body.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aerobics and Injuries: Handle with Care

Aerobics are great exercises to do to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. You can use aerobic exercises in order to lose weight, build endurance, and keep healthy heart. However, there is also a downside to aerobic exercise for some people. If you are not careful, you could get injured due to aerobic exercise. Therefore, it is important to follow these tips to making sure you are exercising and using aerobics in a fun and healthy ways for your body.

First and foremost, when you are doing aerobics consider your dress. Wearing good shoes is important. Aerobics require lots of movement, so when you have worn out shoes or laces that often come untied, there is a good chance you may slip and fall. You should also consider the other articles of clothing you’re wearing. If they are too constricting or too heavy, you may become more easily overheated. Your clothing should let you to breathe well and of course not too tight in order to prevent injury.

Also consider your workout area, especially if you are working out at home. When you’re at home, you’ll need to make sure that your area is large enough for you to move so that you do not bang into anything. It is also crucial that you have daily service for your workout equipments to make sure that it is in the best shape possible and will not cause injury. Your workout area at home should also be clean. You sweat a lot and breathe heavily when you workout, so if you’re doing that in a dirty environment, you could pick up some nasty bacteria or viral infections when you inhale, get a contact with something, and even through your pores when you’re sweating!

Another tip to staying safe is not to push yourself too much. While it is important to push yourself in order to have the best and most intense workout possible, you may find that you put yourself pulling out your muscles, experiencing cramps, and of course injuring your body if you push yourself too much.

Your doctor can tell you more about how to stay safe while exercising. Always remember to warm up and cool down because those are crucial when you’re doing the right exercises for your body, age, and gender. When you work out, you should feel your best, not to be worried about injury and good warm up and cool down could help you a lot to prevent injury.

Staying safe is important. If you are hurt, you won’t be able to do aerobics while you’re recovering, and you will miss out on days or even weeks of training. If your health is important to you, that should include your safety, so take measures to being safe whenever you hit the gym to do your aerobics workout.


Is This Intense Enough?

Aerobics are great for losing weight and staying healthy because they strengthen your breathing and heart as well as help you burning fat. However, many people don’t know or understand how to do an aerobics workout in order to maximize the results. Intensity is a very important aspect of any aerobics workout, so if you want to get the most out of your aerobics, make sure that you’re following these three rules.

First, find that intensity that is your sweet spot. If you work out too intensely, you may injure yourself or will not see results. However, if you don’t work out intensely enough, you will not lose any weight or grow stronger. Therefore, you have to work with a program that has just the right intensity for your own body, keep in mind that your body is unique and it’s hard to compare it with others in many aspects. When trying new exercises, make sure that they include enough weights or speed to make the workout hard, but not impossible. Also remember that you will need to re-work the intensity of your workout as your tolerance and endurance increase, so take a look at your routine every week or two and make necessary changes.

The second rule is to maintain the intensity and consider the safety of your exercise to your own body. Over training is a huge problem because it puts you and those around you in danger. When you under train, you see no results, which may push you to intensify your exercise. That’s good, but do it too much and you’ll be vomiting before the workout is over and possibly injuring yourself. If you are training properly, your muscles should be sore, but your joints should not. Never do an intense exercise in which you cannot control your form or breathing. Instead, take breaks on each set properly (usually 30s-1 minute for every set) and use lower weights or speed to get back on track. This method will help you get more out of your workout anyway. In any case, if you are injured during a workout, call immediately for help from those around you. It is a good idea to workout with a partner or at least let someone know that you’re working out in case anything happens to you.

Lastly, build intensity instead of jumping into the deep end. When you are starting to exercise, you won’t be able to suddenly run the Boston marathon! Building up slowly will help prevent injury, as talking about in the second step, but it can also help you to avoid frustration.

Conclusion: If you slowly build up your aerobics routine, you’ll be able to find success more readily.

Burning the Fat: Beat This Method!

There are many great things about starting an aerobics program for your body. One of the greatest things about aerobics is that you can use it to burn fat in ways that are easier on your body than dieting. Burning fat using aerobics as exercise is very simple because there are many ways that you can train your body to do the work that is supposed to be in order to really get the most out of the aerobics that you are doing.

While you are building up a sweat and working on your heart rate, all of your muscles are also getting great things out of the aerobics work you are doing. As you bring new blood and oxygen to all of your body systems, you are going to find that you are giving yourself the best chance to really get rid of all that unwanted fat as you do the aerobics. Working hard to burn fat is something that you can finally take control of when you are doing aerobics on a regular basis.

When your body is in constant motion, all of the body systems are working hard to maintain body functions at normal rate. Because your muscles need more movements (contraction), your heart have to work harder because the only way to get your muscles to move faster is to supply them with more blood and therefore more oxygen. And because your heart has to work harder your lungs need to work harder to provide your heart with the oxygen that it needs to keep pumping.

All of these things are going to work in tandem with each other to make a situation in which you are really getting the most out of your entire work out. When all of these systems are working together, you are going to find that you are much stronger than you think you would be. As your entire body fights to work harder, you are going to find that you are actually burning fat because your body needs energy to keep moving and to stay moving at a certain rate. It will find this energy in the stored pockets of fat that you have in your body. All of these things are going to happen quickly, and you will find that you are going to be much better off as you start to work out using aerobics more often.

Conclusion: Nothing beats aerobics exercise when it comes to burning your fat!

2 is Enough for Heart

When it comes to aerobics, you might find that you get a better workout on a machine rather than running or jumping ropes. Remember that like every part of a healthy workout routine, aerobics are exercises that have to be tailored to your body and what is best for your health. You have to work together with your doctor and your personal trainer if you have one to develop a system for working out that works for you, and to make sure that whatever you are doing it will benefit both of your mind and body.

Machines have become very popular when it comes to working out because they are easier to use and easier to get used to. You don’t have to worry about running outside when it is cold out there or finding a way to get your workout when you don’t have time if you have a machine in your house that you can use. The point of aerobic workout is that you are getting your heart rate up and you are getting into shape. You can do this on a machine as well as running or jumping ropes.

There are several different machines that you might want to try. The two easiest and most popular would be tread mills and bikes. On both of these, you can find that you can get a great work out results. The point of an aerobic work out is to get your heart rate going, so if you are riding a bike or walking or running on a treadmill, you are having your aerobic exercise.

The reason that these two machines are so popular is that they are handy. Riding an exercise bike can be something that you do in your living room no matter what time of day or temperature it is when you’re doing exercise. Treadmills are the same too, you can get all of the exercises that you need while you are at home.

Having machines to use for your aerobic exercise is something that you should be able to do quite easily no matter where you decide to work out. As long as you are sure that you are still getting the same amount of exercise, you’ll be able to see the benefits of working out using machine right away. It can be the best way to get your work out completed and  get healthier, especially f you don’t have time to hit the gym!

Happy and Healthy Heart Ways

Everyone knows that working out is good for your body. However, do you really understand the correlation between aerobics and heart health? There are many people who swear that doing aerobics is the best way for them to feel healthy and to be better in every aspect of their life. When it comes right down to it, aerobics and heart health are something that you want to keep an eye on because those are something that you can really focus on to get more healthy.

There are simply more benefits of aerobics than you can talk about in an article. However, the correlation between aerobics and heart health is something that you simply cannot deny because it is something that is going to stay with you and with your health forever. When you look at aerobics and heart health you are going to see that the more aerobics you can do, the healthier your heart is going to become. This might seem like a general idea, and yes, it is very general in that the more you work, the better your heart will work for you. However, there are specific reasons that this is the case.

When it comes to the relationship between aerobics and heart health, the basic point is that by doing aerobics you are giving yourself a work out where your heart and lungs are constantly moving faster than they are when you are resting. This means that as you work out, your heart and lungs are forced to work harder. The more that you do, the more your heart has to do for you. By making aerobics part of your routine, you are forcing your heart to work each day, and this is going to make it stronger.

Basically, when it comes to aerobics and heart health, the point is that they are connected. The better your heart is doing, the more aerobics you are going to be able to do without stopping. And the more aerobics you can do, the healthier your heart is going to be.

Like anything, when it comes to aerobics and heart health you are going to have to work your way up. If you haven’t done much working out, your heart isn’t going to be able to take very much right away. Aerobics and heart health are something that you have to work up to, so take your time and talk to your doctor in order to develop a great aerobics routine that is going to clearly benefit you.

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How to Get Most of Your Cardio Training

Cardio workout#1:


Start off with a five-minute warm-up, then do two minutes at 7-8 on a perceived exertion scale (10 being the hardest, 1 being really easy), which will probably be 7-8 miles an hour or 70%-80% of max heart rate for you.
To determine your max heart rate, substract your age from 220 and then multiply that number by  the percentage you’re aiming for (in this case, 0.70 or 0.80). That provides the number of heartbeats per minute your cardio training should produce.
Follow that high-intensity burst with a recovery interval of two minutes at 4-6 perceived exertion, or 50%-70% of max heart rate. Repeat that sequence two more times for  a total workout of 17 minutes, including the warm-up.
Finish with a five-minute, slow-pace cool-down to gradually lower your heart rate.
Over the course of six weeks, the speed of your work intervals should gradually increase. If you’re measuring your effort by perceived exertion, as you get fitter, your speed will increase.

Cardio Workout #2:

Stationary Bike

Start off with a five-minute warm-up, then do five minutes at 7-8 on a perceived exertion scale (10 being the hardest while 1 being really easy), which will be 70%-80% of max heart rate for you. Follow that with a recovery interval of three minutes at 4-6 perceived exertion, or 50%-70% of your max heart rate.
Repeat that sequence one more time for a total workout of 21 minutes, including the warm-up.
Again, finish with a five-minute, slow-paced cool down.
Over the course of the six weeks, the speed of your work intervals should gradually increase. If you’re measuring your effort by perceived exertion, as you get fitter, you should be able to work at progressively more challenging settings.

3 Simple Ways to Lead Stress-Free Fatherhood Life

These are 3 effective ways to be a stress-free father when dealing with your child(ren). Of course, there are a lot more tips to do this, but everything will be useless if you don’t put these into acts, so why not try these first?

1. Stop explaining

If your kids bask you about the interaction between electromagnetism and gravity, by all means take a whack at teaching them physics. But do not, under any circumstances, explain to a 4-year-old why it’s important that he stop dancing on the dining-room table. If he asks, just grab him by the arm in a way that will help him understand. Few things are more stressful than trying to persuade somebody who’s 3 feet tall that know better than he does. You have authority because you’re his father, not because you have more compelling debating points. Taking charge is much less stressful not only for you but for your kids too. They actually like having a gravitational center around which to find an orbit.

2. Pick the cereal

Don’t ask your kids which of 47 cereals-or any other consumer item-they want. Buy a cereal. Feed it to them. If they don’t eat it, buy a differenet one, and so on until you get one they’ll eat. If you allow kids into any purchasing decisions, you will slowly go insane.

3. Don’t make discipline an either-or choice

Lots of parents make the whole deal more stressful than it has to be by making good behavior a choice for kids. As in, “If you don’t clean up your room, we’re not going to the movies.”Then the child has to do a mental cost-benefit analysis, weighing the work of room cleaning versus the fun of seeing Chicken Little. Wrong. There is no “if you don’t.” He’s cleaning up his room. Period. End of sentence. This is not a multiple-choice test.

Want to live longer and enjoy your kids more? Negotiate less. The theme is less consultation with the children. Bring back the autocratic father who loves his child(ren) with everything he’s got but doesn’t feel that third graders should be part of the family brain trust.

4 Questions That Bug People to Ask Their Fitness Coach

Q1:What’s the best way to do a situp?

A: The best way to do a situp is not to do a situp at all but to do a crunch. Traditional situps call the muscles of the back and hips into play, which puts you at risk for injury and gives you minimal benefit. Besides, they’re really silly looking. Now here are 3 things you do during classic crunch:
*1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and arms folded across your chest. Press your lower back against the floor.
*2. Slowly curl your torso, one vertebra at a time, toward your knees, bringing your shoulders 4 to 6 inches off the floor. Reminder: Keep your lower back pressed to the floor, and be careful not to “hinge” up from your hips.
*3. Hold this position for a few seconds; then reverse the maneuver, slowly and one vertebra at a time, until you’re back in the starting position. Repeat 15 to 20 times, slowly; the more slowly you execute this movement, the more effective it will be. You’ll get an even stronger, better-looking midsection by doing a series of core-building exercises.
PS: If you want more instructions for barbell twists, bicycles, side bends, and other core builders, you can check out at BestLifeOnline.com/belly

Q2: How should I treat a pulled muscle?

A: Most people make the mistake of stretching it (overextending). That’s how you got injured in the first place. Don’t do it. To encourage healing, you need to increase blood flow to the injury by moving it with very easy, slow contractions, using whatever exercise suits the muscle best. For example, if you’ve pulled your hamstring, do leg curls on a machine fitted with very light weight-just a few pounds. Don’t let the pain reach more than about 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Perform three sets of 15 reps everyday, increasing the load gradually as long as that doesn’t increase the pain. After each workout, ice the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. The pain should begin to subside within 3 days. If it doesn’t, see your doctor.

Q3: I’ve heard that you should avoid eating fruit while trainig. Is this true?

A: Nonsense! No. High-fiber, vitamin-rich fruits, like apples, strawberries, and blueberries, provide the nutrients your body needs to maintain and repair muscle tissue. Fruit juice, however, is a different story. Fruit juice is what’s known as high-glycemic food, meaning that it’s high in simple sugars, which boost blood levels of insulin and trigger your body to store fat. Fiber-rich fruit, by contrast, burns more slowly than the juice, preventing spikes in blood sugar and keeping your body energized.

Q4: My back hurts whenever I play golf. What can I do to avoid this?

A: Schedule an afternoon tee time. In the morning, the disks in your spine are engorged with fluid, making them less pliable and less able to handle the rotational stress of swinging a club. By the afternoon, however, the fluid has moved out of your disks, and your spinal column will be more flexible and less prone to injury.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Science Revolution - Fact Or Fiction?

Have you ever stopped to think about the movies we watch and their relation to our world? When the idea of a movie is conceived, where does it come from, fact or fiction? Take your mind back to the classic movie "Jurassic Park" where geologists discovered a perfectly preserved mosquito. Now this mosquito was from the age when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and was complete with traces of dinosaur blood.

Now it gets interesting and thought provoking. The story revolves around an island inhabited by extinct dinosaurs which have been cloned from the DNA found in the mosquito. We know for a fact that cloning is not only possible but has been achieved. It is possible to have your pet cloned. My question is this; who actually conceived the idea of cloning? Was it the script writer of the movie and the science world took this idea and made it reality? Maybe it was the other way around, the technology to clone things already existed but the general population wasn't aware of it.

This brings me to another movie where they insert microscopic robots into a human. It is fact that these types of microscopic robots are being used in medicine today. Sorry I can't think of the name of this movie but you get the idea. If you open your mind, how many movies have you seen with incredible story lines and technology, only to see that same or similar technology become reality? What about early films and theatre about UFO's and spaceships and did we not eventually fly to the moon?

4 Best Muscle Building Supplements For Your Fast Growth

When you are growing fast, your muscles need more nutrition. It is very difficult to fill up this additional nutritional requirement through regular diet. Usually there remains a gap between what your body needs and what it gets from diet. Here comes the role of muscle building supplement. Muscle building supplements are designed to fill these gaps, meeting higher nutritional requirements of your growing body.
Today's market is over-saturated with these products and everybody hypes their product as the best. Ordinary consumers are confused to choose one for them. It becomes an overwhelming task to select one from the big list of contenders. But if you look closely, you will see that what seemed to be overwhelming initially is not actually so. You can break the big problem into smaller pieces. First take a look at basic needs of your body and list them. Then see what you can supply through diet and how much of it. When you complete this exercise, compare the lists and you will get the items that your supplements must supply. Given below are some of the major supplement categories so that you can find what supplements you can add to your diet and balance your needs.
Protein Powder
You can use protein powder in following way:
1. Protein rich your regular meals.
2. Meet immediate protein needs especially after exercise when your muscles are hungry of protein.
3. Reduce muscle breakdown (muscle catabolism)
Protein powders are available in market in four types: whey, casein, soy and egg. Whey protein is most popular of all because of its complete amino acid profile. This is very helpful for muscle building. To select type of protein for yourself do not go by popularity but on important factors like: a) your diet plan, b) any food allergy, and c) easy availability at your local market.
Creatine provides energy to your muscles. This energy is used in muscle contraction. With added energy muscles can work longer and harder. This results in more reps, heavier weights and increased muscle mass.
The most popular form of creatine supplement is creatine monohydrate. You can take creatine monohydrate with water, fruit juice, dextrose or mixed with your protein or post workout shakes.
A multivitamin supplement that comes as capsule and tablet are a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. You take multivitamin to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals available in your normal diet. Multivitamin supplement does not show a direct link with muscle building but it helps keeping everyday health and well being.
Carbohydrate supplements come as simple and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are slow digesting carbohydrates that you can use for additional calorie in your diet. But the most use of carbohydrate supplement is in simple carbohydrates or dextrose. This is used in post workout shakes to create insulin spiking in your blood. It helps moving nutrients through bloodstream into muscles cell faster and replaces lost glycogen.
EFAs (essential fatty acids)
EFAs are fats and oils that play an essential role in muscle growth, fitness and general health. It enhances stamina; speedy recovery from exhaustion, a Danish study found that EFAs, when taken in the small amount, improved cardiovascular function.
EFA supplements are available in two forms - oils and pills. Pills can be taken throughout the day and oils can be mixed with protein shakes or spread onto foods. Oils are the better way to get the right amounts of EFAs into your diet and can help increase your daily calorie intake.

A Healthy Diet for Life

Having established that your body needs a well balanced diet, with a good supply of carbohydrates, especially high - fiber foods, water vitamins and minerals, and a certain amount of protein, fat and bacteria, you need to know how to put it into practice.



Much media attention is focused on foods that one should not have, yet there has been very little to tell women how they can use food to enhance their life rather than make it more difficult. Forget the labels; every figure is relative and food manufacturers are frequently very selective about what they tell you, making your task of deciding what is right for you an impossible one. Instead build your choices on the following guidelines.




Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself three questions: Do I want it/ Do I like it/ Do I need it?

 If you want it and like it then go ahead and enjoy it, if you don’t why bother wasting the eating experience? Throw all the boring, unnecessary eating out of your life.


The worst thing you can do with food is to feel guilty about eating it. If you have eaten something that you know is not the healthier but you really fancied it or were in a situation where you didn’t have any choice, enjoy it an forget about it. Don’t beat yourself up with guilt. Guilt is a negative emotion, which is likely to lead you to bingeing on comfort foods. This can then get you into a negative sugar or salt cycle in which you eat more of these foods, which in turn makes you feel even more guilty. You might then decide it’s not worth continuing with you healthy eating lifestyle. It is always worth persevering. Remember that life is for living and food is there to help us, not hinder us.



This provides your body with a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, to maintain your body in peak condition to fight diseases. Fiber helps your food to move effectively through the body, keeps you feeling pleasantly full and satisfied and in control of your eating habits, and your energy levels steady.



This is usually made up of one main meal, a smaller snack or lunch-type meal and breakfast. You may, however, feel that you need two smaller snacks, such as a piece of fruit, a small sandwich or a piece of cake, in between two smaller meals. It all depends on your body rhythms. Meals should be based on carbohydrates, such as pasta, whole-meal bread, wholegrain cereals, rice or potatoes, along with fruits and/or vegetables. The main meal should include a source of lean protein, along with carbohydrate and plenty of vegetables and fruits.



Fish, shellfish, lean red meat, game, poultry, eggs or pulses meet your body’s protein requirements without overloading on fats.






You can use butter, olive oil, sesame oil or walnut oil to enhance the flavor of your food or for cooking, but do try to keep the quantity low.




Too much sugar disrupts your natural energy balance, and can cause headaches; mood swings and – if eaten in large quantities – sugar sensitivity problems such as hypoglycemia and diabetes mellitus. It is much better to get into the habit of using the natural sugars in fruits to provide sweetness.



This has far reaching benefits for all women of all age group.


Water helps the fiber in your food to swell and perform  its duties. It also helps to metabolize other nutrients from your food, keep your skin and hair healthy and prevent your body from becoming dehydrated.


All such drinks contain caffeine, which inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the gut, causes your body to excrete vital nutrients and interferes with the fluid and energy balance mechanisms in your body. Caffeine also causes your body to be stimulated in an artificial way, which in the long run has the opposite effect of supressing your performance and general feeling of well





A small pot of ‘bio’ yogurt a day should help to keep a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. If you don’t like or are unable to eat live yogurt, seek the advice of your dietician




This helps to keep your gut functioning effectively. Regular eating helps your gut maintain a steady supply of digestive enzymes, protects it from excess acid secretion and enables it to metabolize food in the most efficient way, to keep your energy level and moods on an even keel.





Some drinks, especially young red wines such as Beaujolais, contain anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals, which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Beers and Champagnes can also provide beneficial nutrients. Drinking can be a very pleasurable part of a healthy lifestyle, but drinking to excess can cause liver damage, mood and energy-balance problems. Try not to drink on an empty stomach as this can cause your blood sugar levels to crash.




The issue of whether you should eat proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal is one that regularly crops up in the media. Some diet consultants feel strongly that proteins and carbohydrates should be separated, and advocate that proteins should be eaten only with vegetables and fruit, not mixed with carbohydrates. Many people feel that their body functions better if they out this into practice; it is commonly known as food combining.


From the physiological and nutritional viewpoint, proteins (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, pulses) provide the body with amino acids, used as building blocks within muscles and other tissues. Carbohydrates provide energy and fiber. If you eat proteins on their own, without carbohydrate present, the protein can be broken down into energy, rather than used for building body tissue. Proteins also have other important functions to perform in maintaining body health and carbohydrates protect proteins, enabling them to fulfill these functions.

The choice is yours, but there is no physiological reasoning behind food combining. I believe that food is there to be enjoyed. Women should not have to agonize over whether they are ‘allowed’ to eat certain things at certain times.